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Source of all Directories Spam

Wednesday, November 29th, 2006

Finally i got a submissions of the scammer, one of the original dudes that created automated submission softwares.


This is the same owner as VinaBet a Vietnam website! So that vietnamese dude created a software that allows to submit to thousand of directories like sh*t and also created the first Made For Adsense Directory.

That’s some amazing contribution!

6 Sites Owns all Countries Related Keywords

Tuesday, November 28th, 2006

I am adding websites to the category WORLD of IWD. And to find sites i mostly use the search engine ASK and Google. Most of the listings in the directory are from Google (51% +).

So i had to type all the countries on google, and i always found the exact same sites. This is really over saturated!

Those Famous Websites!
1/ Wikipedia is ahead of the list! You will always see a wikipedia article about any country you search on google.
2/ The CIA World Fact Book.
3/ - Travel guide. Full of tips about travelling, i do read those sites before i add them!
4/ - So this site is also one that i often see on google SERP.
5/ - Not so often but appears a lot of time for African related countries keywords.
6/ The Yahoo! Directory. Yep, it does appears sometimes. Way more than dead DMOZ!
7/ Also one that i start to see more than often is WikiTravel, those wiki stuffs are really taking over.

Shut Down The Internet

Sunday, November 26th, 2006 ;) ~ Whenever you feel not 0k, shut it down!

What was the first domain name ever?

Sunday, November 26th, 2006

- NORDU.NET is the FIRST domain name ever. It was created before it was allowed to register domain names on DAY 1.
- SYMBOLICS.COM is the first .com domain name ever registered! It was registered the 15th March 1985.

If you are interested about domain names & Stuff, visit Name FAQs. Great website, i took some time reading it all, and i recommend to read it to all the webmasters out there.

Few Tips for Serious Directory Owners

Saturday, November 25th, 2006

OK so i put it clear. Nowadays everybody uses submission softwares or use submission companies that SUCKS. Don’t rely on submissions anymore to build your directories content! There is pratically no point in reviewing websites, the ratio of websites accepted in the directory on 100 is 5% and below.

My biggest advice to get a quality directory is to use all the search engines on the web, find some great websites and add them.

Another advice is to turn into a paid directory! YES i say that! At least paid directories doesn’t have to bother with spam, you will get time and do something else than just adding sites.

Once reachs the 20k listings (that obviously i’ll add manually), i’ll be more mean that now on submissions. Now if DMOZ receives the exact same submission i receive but bigger (of course it’s DMOZ anyway), i understand why nobody lists websites anymore!

Why wasting our time reviewing sites when nobody cares about your directory??

Hope this is clear.

300 Submissions in 24 hours

Thursday, November 23rd, 2006

At Irkawebdirectory i received 300 submissions in the last 24 hours, and i deleted 250 of them, seems like the popular you get, the more you receive spam.

Webmasters should understand it’s not the best way! I work for free and WASTE my time on free submissions! I want to build that resource for the web so help me, don’t kick me in the leg (that’s only for spammers ;) )


The Spam, Fun, Weird Submissions of November!

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Hello everyone, this is another spam session where i will share all the crap i’ve encountered so far while checking web links! This is usually very fun,

Spam of November PWNED!!

What kind of spam?!

So let’s clarify the thing a little bit.. What is a directory spam? Well this is the same spam as the one you receive in your mail box but instead of sending emails, here the spammer submit websites! There are a lot of kind of directory spams:

- The true spam: Description is full of links, title is full of keywords, category submitted is top level category.
- The sneaky spam: The site got PR1 - PR3 (sometimes above PR6~HOW? People actually do link to those craps?!) and is full of informations copied from other websites, obviously the category submitted is not the good one most of the time.
- Submission softwares spam: The site itself is not spam at all, but the submitter is a spammer. Means that i approve the site (taking time rewriting a decription, and find the proper category) then ban the submitter.
- Spam without knowing it!: Sites that doesn’t know they are spam, most of the time i receive emails from those people. They don’t follow guidelines, thinks their websites are worth gold, and send email pissed ‘why i didn’t had my link added to your directory?’. I don’t ban those people, but i ban those websites.

W00torz i Want to see those spammers!

1/ How Fun! Submitters actually knows what he is submitting?

Stockholm site submitted in Finland category. AMAZING!

Sotckholm is in sweden, not in Finland, i’m sure the submitter watched Die Hard. May be some of you will see the analogy between Die Hard and that submission ;)

2/ Oh! Penis Enlargments!

Penis spam!

No penis enlargment sites please! My directory ain’t an eSex Shop.

3/ Perfect example of spam PR6 website!

PR6 website submitting to top level category

So here the guy submitted his spammy website to the top category ‘HEALTH’. Also his title is spammy. So we can’t really rely on pagerank to add websites :) , i try my best to forget about PR while i check those links.

4/ Green Spam, who knew that?

Ecologist Spam

Well may be those ecologist thinks internet isn’t nature and loves to rotten it may be ;) . None of those websites got accepted, i don’t have to waste my time for that kind of crap.

5/ But where is the spam (remixed from, Where is Charly? But where is he!)

Where is the spam!

Not all of those websites are spam, but try to figure out what is spammy and what is not from that page ;) . Good luck!

6/ SO called MANUAL SUBMISSION SERVICE! doesn't submit manually!!!

Here the submitter submitted a directory to the internet category, though like all submitters should know… there is always a directory category somewhere :)

Muahahahahah! SO they call it manual submission?! I love those submission softwares more! But of course may be he used a manual submission directory software? Those guys got a lot of arguments when you talk with them, and will always believe you are wrong, and they are right ;) ! STOP using the services of!

Some informations about those submitters:

Info about

8/ Vegabond is spamming my Isamu directory!!

Vegabond Boooooooooo!

May be it’s really him! May be not! If not well you’ll have to explain for this! It’s nothing bad don’t worry, it amuses me! And some of the webmasters out there, it happened to me to submit to a paid directory when i was drunk or/and stone,


All Websites Reviewed at IWD

Tuesday, November 21st, 2006

Phew, finally i’ve made it, 3500 - 4000 links to review in 2 weeks at Irka Web Directory and do some work on the other side… Back in august i was in holiday and i got a lot of submissions during that period, that really s*cked (for me, not for you)!

So now if your website isn’t listed, it’s because you didn’t submitted it properly, follow the general directory guideline on internet (what people says, DMOZ submission guideline, yahoo guideline, my other directories guideline) to submit to IWD.

You should know how to do the thing by now, i find the submissions more poor as time goes by, i’m going to make new changes and be very strict cause i lost a huge amount of time approving sites that were submitted like it was crap (because they used some SEO directory submissions services). Well, i’m going to post about some of those shameless companies, i got some crusty screenshots, but now it’s too late ;)

What would happen if google edits themselves their directory?

Monday, November 20th, 2006

Yeah! What would happen? We all know that google uses the information of the Open Directory Project (which is dead but… well we’ll see if it’s really so in the forthcoming month), but… what would happen if Google edits their directory and hire editors for it once DMOZ is really dead?

Isn’t it a wonderful way to block spam? I wonder if spammers would submit to it! Any ideas/opinions/reflexions from you are welcome

Ugliest Site Ever!

Monday, November 20th, 2006

While checking links i stumbled upon THAT: jazcenterprises.
Seems like the designer stretched some 10×10 gif pictures to make the background.