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Sevenseek Special (Again!)

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Rush to sevenseek and submit your site for just 5$! Yes 5$!
This is just generous, Thank you Jeff for that terrific offer.
Arf and i don’t have any clients right now…

Maintenance On Current Directories

Sunday, October 29th, 2006

Hey everyone,

I’ve been working on all my web directories recently, they are all validated by the World Wide Web Consortium and more stuffs.

At No Dangers

Well, i’ve added plenty of mods, such as statistic mod on the homepage, i added suggest category mod and rate listing mod, i’ve also got a superb mod that allows featured listings to have 3 more deep links instead of just 1 plain link. Those 3 deep links appear in the same category as the link is listed and not on the detail page. Big thank to PortProphecy for that mod!

At The Squat

Added keywords cloud mod, i also switched it into a paid directory, i don’t have time reviewing links for free. I added suggest category mod also. It is valited by W3 and its still radioactive! Do not touch it or you’ll have 8 fingers.

At Irka Webmaster Directory

May be one of the best directory we have for now and its still free, added lots of mods such as suggest a category, report a bad listing and statistic mod. I’ve also added 300 really good webmaster related content sites, may be you got listed there without even knowing it!

At Irka Web Directory

That big ass directory is the one i work the more on, i want to have 20,000 websites listed there, well i have a long way to go since only 1800 websites are listed. I’ve added more stuffs, and corrected some errors, also the layout looks slightly better. I changed .jpg pictures into .png and so on so forth. I also added the suggest category mod.

At Isamu

Nothing yet, don’t have time taking care of it also. Well you can still submit, it’ll get bigger and bigger with the future. Isamu is a great web directory,

More news, informations related to those directories will be coming,

TheSquat Directory Changes

Monday, October 23rd, 2006

Hello everyone,

I have decided today to make a paid directory, reasons why i do that are simple, i’ve simply no time to work on it right now. The submissions now costs 4.95$/unlimited and featured are set to 19.95$/unlimited as i think of it as a PR4.

Actually there are now 2 free directories on our network which is Irka Web Directory (PR4-Free) & our Webmaster Directory (PR4-Free). Submit your site freely there, they are here for that. Especially Irka Web Directory. I trully believe that directory will become a high resource in the future for webmasters, and it’ll always be free remember that.

All those that submitted sites for free to The Squat before today (23rd October) will be reviewed and added today, for the others they’ll just be deleted.

I’m also going to customize a little bit thesquat and add some mods today or tomorow, check it out when you have time!


October 2006 Site Of The Month

Saturday, October 21st, 2006

Congratulations to Directory Dump (An0n) the winner of the phpLD October 2006 site of the month contest!

Another Spam Combo Story

Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

I’ve been reviewing all the websites at (1300 total, 800 rejected, 500 accepted). May be your site got included, may be not. If not that’s because you didn’t follow the guideline of your submission properly, it says: NO Submissions Softwares. It is so easy to know if you submitted manuallyor with a submission software! Tricking us doesn’t work that much anymore,

Oh! Oh! Oh!, Giant Green! (don’t try to understand)

The Description Rocks

Well i really love the description, it’s kinda very cute! This is not really an asshole, just a natural webmaster!


When you don’t know where the spam come from well you don’t pay so much attention to it, but when somebody spams you and at the same time gives you his nickname on the most popular webmaster forum on internet, lol it’s hilarious! Thanks for that penis website ;) , very instructive, next time read the guideline.


Lol here the guy is trying to bitch, well that asshole doesn’t really understand what its like to maintain properly a web directory :) , lol.


Now i’m going to review all the links at Irka Web Directory. Then i’m done reviewing for a while so take that opportunity to your advantages and submit your sites to IWD now!

2000 sites waiting to be reviewed, there might be some funny ones i will tell you about! lol

Are You Waiting To be Reviewed?

Sunday, October 15th, 2006

I’m so sorry,

I explain. There are 800 pending sites waiting to be reviewed at The Squat and 2500 at IWD. The reason why there are too many pending sites is that my internet connection s*cks (download at 50kb/sec when i’m lucky and i upload at 16kb/sec).

To upload all files to create a new php link directory, it takes 3 hours. To open a link on irkawebdirectory (knowing it gots 2500 categories) i need to wait 10 seconds because of the menu bar loading. To check my mail! It takes half an hour! And so on so forth,

I’m going to be brave and review all those links no matter what it takes! I still wait to have satellite internet as suggested anon from directory dump not so long ago. Then things will go a bit faster, usually i design at the same time i review links (but i only delete the crap sites in mass, it makes me win time if i have to review all the good ones).

[ Got all kind of strategies to review links and not wasting time ]

Normally it will takes 4 days to 1 week to review all of them and working 6 hours per day.
Personally i hate to review free links!

If you have your site listed that’d be cool if you can post your comments here :)

Back Then On IWP

Friday, October 13th, 2006

I just found the very first design of Irka Web Promotions on a cd, i thought you might like to take a look: Da Old Style.

Which one do you like? :)

Sevenseek Directory the New Heaven

Tuesday, October 10th, 2006

Hi directory owners and webmasters (aren’t they the same? Yeah well anyway),
So whats up? Do you know that you can add your sites to sevenseek directory for free? You must be a V7n member on the V7n Forum for more than 2 months and have over a 100 posts to be able to get your site listed for free.

Jeff the owner of Aviva Directory bought Sevenseek directory swiftly on a V7n thread and after that offered that special promotion! All the first 100 sites are listed for free without any fees! Thats gorgeous because 6 of our sites made it to that great web resource.

Jeff is definitely generous and more than kind, we know that sevenseek is in good hand, i don’t think John Scott is stressing about it… Actually its like i sell nodangers, i would feel sad. John Scott sold Sevenseek because he would like to focus more on the V7n Directory which is also a great resource, love the category structure there.

Whats so great about it?
Sevenseek is a PR6 directory with a very nice Alexa rating, it receives lots of traffic and is a valuable resource on the web, there are just a few directories on the web standing in front of the others and sevenseek is one of them.

[ Selling SevenSeek Thread ]

Outstanding Directory Submissions

Monday, October 2nd, 2006

What you’re going to see is the funniest submissions of websites received on our directories during september!

Our Favorite

This person obviously doesn’t know that we build directories in order to keep the web clean from MFA crap, if that man gets a PR5 there is something wrong, who would even link to that kind of crap? Made for adsense directory, this is not the first one but we clearly know this is the one.
Everybody who owns a crap site can submit to his directory, go ahead!

The Submitter Was On Crack

Why did he had to submit his very addictive game site into Health > Addictions? LOL.

What is the real address?

I guess that the submitter liked nodangers :) lol.

What did he thought?

Oh yeah let me approve them all for you :) , the submitter was the same for all those sites. Beautiful spam combo.

The Best For The End

Here the submitter is me and i made a mistake during a submission, i didn’t notice that all of my websites was already listed there, so to beg pardon i submitted a fake submissions saying sorry to the owner and that he could remove the my duplicated submissions, but lol i let you find out what happened next by looking at this picture.


Well in fact he listed the duplicated submissions and even my message (i used the address lol)

Hope you enjoyed lol,

Directories Pagerank Inequity Issues

Sunday, October 1st, 2006

For most of us, it can be very stressful to see the new PR of our sites, especially since PR Update happens when we think the less of it, anyway we can’t change our pagerank but we can get backlinks.

[ PR Datacenters Check Tool - Use it if you want to understand what i mean below ]

The Directories that Lost PR:
- Was PR7 and now is a PR6

- was PR8 and now is PR6! Thats some huge drop, i bought lots of links there, and their UTN Directory was PR6 and is PR5!!
The reason why they lost PR is that may be because they were on the Supporter PR9 W3 Page. You’ve to pay 1000$/year to become a supporter and you must have a legit business in order to do it, then your link will appear on that PR9 page. Google punished those sites lol.

- is PR3 and was PR4. Seems like even if his template brought him 23,900 links [ Submit Express ]. So google is punishing those sites having tons of sitewides… Sitewides might be dangerous in the near future.

- DMOZ and Yahoo! are PR8. Thats definitely a change in the directories world, those 2 big monsters lost a point! They had 9/10 for a long time.

- Skaffe was a PR6 and now is a PR5, so what the heck is going on their again? Its all changing now

- WOW Directory was PR5 and now is a PR6, good improvements.

- Categorized Web was PR5 and now is PR0, just like who was PR6 and now is PR0.

If you guys find some very different PR for directories please post them here,
Cheers! << We’re all fine. No problems so far lol