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Get your Hands on a Great Deal Now

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

You probably have heard of Portprophecy more than often at DP Forum. He owns a network of directories (13 of them) which are all PR5 and PR6. That is some serious business that’s going arround that guy,

Well he decided to sell 4 of his main directories which are:

- Unadir - PR6 - Alexa: 144k - Makes 500$/month if not more in revenue from link buying.
- Qettle - PR5 - Alexa: 218k
- HexDex - PR5 - Alexa: 318k
- Zeoma - PR5 - Alexa: 332k

Go to SitePoint and check out all the informations, this is a great deal, i’ve been knowing PP for a long time and those are quality directories put on sale, do not miss that opportunity!

BTW, by the time i am talking to you there are 14 days, 20 hours, 24 minutes remaining, before the deal is closed.


Some Good Looking Sites from January 2k7

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

I am getting used to check a lot of web sites now, and i have pretty accurate eyes in case of judging sites that uses good design techniques and layout! There are just a few sites that are good looking, i hope you like the designs of PHPLD Your Site for instance! And there is also the great 80ies looking of V7n network sites that you can check.


The site uses 3 main colors which are Blue Ocean by Night, Green Forest, and Yellow Gold. It does look really good, just take a look at SEO Speaking the site uses Tables which is the best, it displays content first before assets, it loads fast, the layout in general is awesome.

I give it 9.5/10. The site is about Wind Surfing, glad there are some creative wind surfers out there!


The site of is also very cool and good looking, the background fits totally the main layout, it’s another kind of box looking site (i love that style, it’s better and easier for readers). The main colors are Red Black and Grey. The site also uses Tables which are good SEO techniques, it helps crawling a site in a logical kind of way for googlebot. I would say that the buttons are not really suitable, they could have chosen something instead of text!

I give it 9/10. Another site about Surfing, those surfer dudes are really creative!


I Reveal Secret(s) about SEO

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

Hello everyone, this is the first real post i do about search engine optimization (huh?!). When i say that i mean it, for the past year i’ve been learning SEO, i’ve been checking SO many sites on the web!! And now i know some stuff about it that will help you:

1. Do you want to know how to get a PR6 directory?

What i’m going to show you, you must not replicate it, it’s just in order to show you things about how to get backlinks and where google is effective and where it isn’t.

Let’s take example of Directory that is Pr6. From what i know that directory homepage was zeroed by google 3 or 4 months ago (though it’s inner pages had high PR).

How did that directory owner get that much backlinks? (To the real directory owner, i’ve nothing against you at all, it’s just that you’re site is a good example). I invite you to use the SubmitExpress Link Popularity Tool and check, just type the URL and run the check. Then check it’s MSN Backlinks. I use to check MSN backlinks cause they show what yahoo and google doesn’t show :D

What is the first site you see? It’s probably a blogspot site! Here is a small lists of blogspot sites that have a backlink to

- Babe-fun
- TheBeautyBrains
- Trygojinow
- TelChaination
- Lipstickpowdernpaint
- Myspacetrends
- Autopark
- Bukomir

Many of them are PR5 and PR4, this is a way to get backlinks. I am sure most of us can’t achieve that cause it takes a lot of time to work on it. Just imagine the time you need to create 1000 blogspot site and get them Pagerank.

Here’s my Advices: This is a technique like many others, you can create tons of blogs on blogspot whether they have original content or not, and get backlinks that way. Though it’s not going to work for the long run, if you are a member of the Quick Buck Crew this is perfect for you! If you are a webmaster that wants your sites to live forever forget about it. Well! At least! Don’t expect to keep your PR6 forever.

I have noticed using legitimate techniques to get links, i believe that blogspot things is not the reason why he got his PR6! But that’s a good one!

2. How to get Free PR7 Links?

You probably think i’m nuts to give aways those techniques but i am not, i believe most of the people that reads this blog are not a lot so i allow myself to tell such ’secrets’ lol, i wouldn’t consider them secrets! It’s not a secret at all, it justs helps you to figure out some original ways how to get backlinks, some people are hugely creative and get a PR7 within 2 PR updates huh ;)

So you want free PR links right? Now let’s take example of Ask Directory. ASK is a new webmaster on Digital Point Forum, he created a directory like many of us, and like many of us he works on his directory to achieve the SUPREME PR6, the PageRank that the whole directory community will respect (we… all.. want a PR6! That’s why we do directories! PR6 PR6 PR6)

Actually ASK is PR4. So it means the technique i’m going to show you is USELESS, but it will gives you INSIGHTS. Carry on,

Same technique, check the MSN backlinks of ASK.
[ Not Expected ] Er… We can’t see nothing on his MSN backlinks, so i guess he stopped doing this technique, which is a wise choice:

Here’s the technique

Check the Winamp Member Forum Page. It is PR7? Yes it is, now you just have to register a username that starts with the letter ‘ A ‘ or a special character so you appear ahead of all the other members. Then in your profile, just fill down the ‘ homepage link ‘ with your best site, and it will appears on the PR7 page even if you are a member with 0 post.

I know i know it’s a tricky technique and it doesn’t works, what should this teach you: That there are so many ways to get links on internet, that we are not limited to directories nor simple links exchange. Many successful sites applied original link building scheme that you will never know about! Just keep thinking, find ways to get links, never think that you’re in a box and you’re limited. Just get links! If google says it’s unethical, we have no choice but to follow them, but if your technique work whether it is Black Hat or White Hat, it works! So w00t!

Good Luck Search Engine Optimizers!

Google Images New Look

Friday, January 26th, 2007

Check out the screenshot of the new Google Images Layout at Matt Cutts Blog. They hidden the informations of each pictures (size, date of addition, format, weight etc…) when you type a search on Google Images in order to keep it clean as Google always looked like.

Which version you like? That one or the old one?
I prefer that one :D

V7n Contextual Link Ads Criticized by Matt Cutts

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

Jeff of Avivadirectory and John Scott of V7n launched The Superiority of V7N Contextual Links:

v7n Contextual Links Ads Screenshot Page

[26/01/2007] The Undetectable thing has been deleted, i’m glad i took that screenshot, the reasons why are simply in order to not declare hostility with the major search engines.

You can have tons of informations about it at the V7n Forum and Aviva Downloadblog. Personally i think the idea is great but, it can be dangerous in terms of relevancy, and excessive linking to different sites on the same blog page would not be a so great idea. Furthermore it would manipulates SERPs like hell, well let’s see how it’ll evolve anyway!

So as you can see on the screenshot above, and on the V7n Contextual link page:
It says that the links are undetectable by search engines, which got on the nerves of Matt Cutts, you can read about it at the Search Engine Journal V7n Contextual Link post of Loren Baker’s blog.

Then irritated by the sentence ‘ undetectable by search engines ‘ as mentionned on the V7n Contextual Link page, Matt Cutts decided to create an ” Undetectable Spam ” Post to conclude that the technique employed by John Scott is ” probably violating the quality guidelines of Google and the guidelines of other major search engines.”, which is, probably true.

Well, also, what’s the point buying links if it’s undetectable by search engines?

[26/01/2007] V7n Counter Attack

You can read at the JS proving his honnesty with his program, i would feel bad that the head of the Google’s Webspam team is attacking me, my sites or whatever i got on the web.

Other Cool Sources:

John Scott wants to buy Blog Links.
Check out the DP (Google) Directory killer Thread!
Search Engine Journal
Ninety Seventh Floor

PR Update 25/01/2007

Thursday, January 25th, 2007

We had a very weird PR update last 10th January, and i really think this last update occured in order to fix problems from older PR updates such as the one of August.

So now is the real one!
For me it seems pretty cool, besides one thing, Irka Web Promotions was a PR5 and got PR4.

Good Stuff! is a PR5 and was PR0! and is a PR5 and was PR4!

And here are the changes for the directory world: was PR3 and now is PR4 PR0 > PR5 - Nice Stunt! PR2 > PR4
Aviva Directory PR7 > PR6
Unadir PR5 > PR6
PHP Link Directory PR6 > PR7 - Real Good!
Directory Contest PR0 > PR6 - That’s how we get a PR6.
PHPLD Your Site PR0 > PR5 - W00t!
The Squat PR0 > PR4 - Not so bad!
Epitrope PR7 > PR6 - Another PR7 that dropped.
DigitalPoint PR8 > PR7 - Ack!
ApahCinc PR5 > PR6 - Well done Jeff!
Romow Was PR6 then PR2 then PR0 then PR2 then PR4
Site Sift is a PR6 and was PR7 if i remember well… not sure.
MingleOn PR6 > PR5
All Short PR0 > PR6 - New directory! PR6 > PR5

More will be added as soon as we will find more,
All the directories didn’t change, just the new ones got Pagerank. Well it seems pretty fair to me! That’s how it looks like for this winter 2007, Woohoo!

Ever got that feeling?

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

Of doing nothing. I’ve been building my directories and designing sites for about a year, my condition is still the same, i get submissions and i get money. IWD is growing but not a lot of people can see it, when i don’t add sites i add categories so i can add more sites.

I never expected by january IWD would be that complex, and logic. It’s nothing compared to Yahoo or DMOZ. It is unique, but the more i work on it each day, the more i have a feeling of doing… nothing.

As Bernard Werber said, a sci-fi writter: In the society there are 3 types of behaviors, 1/3 of the community doesn’t work, an other 1/3 works but creates problem to the community, and the last 1/3 correct the problems of the other people and contributes in the expansion of the city.

I am completely unable to know in what third i am belonging…

Spam From January 2007

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

And it doesn’t stop!
Now even with some phpld fix to stop spam, they keep coming back and submit their stuff wrongly… Even though the site looks good they submit it with a bad description or a title full of keywords T_T,

I’m not gonna be nice from now on. I don’t need submissions from others, it’s you who needs my listing! It doesn’t work the opposite way ok?

Now let’s see what i fished!
All the pictures are random though there are numbers (i have no favorism they are all gay in a sorta way).

1. Another Patel, We all know Amit Patel is gay.

Patel again, scammer spammer, who knows, it's a sect?

2. Some typos, nothing bad (why i took that screenshot?)


3. Ah! Drugs from India, does it sounds legit to you?


4. Orissa, got an orissa submission spam, where the orissa owner keep writing orissa for anything that’s orissa :)


5. Flowers to India


6. Wtf? Lol is that supposed to look like a submission?


7. Another spam wrongly submitted!


8. Same as the one previously!


Some guys that loves to spam my Yahoo Messenger with instant messaging that i don’t give a damn about!

- Here is the kind of pm i receive every 3 days from that guy and other people:


- and Here is the whole archive, you can see that i received a lot of messages! And those are just 1/3 of it:

Yahoo Messenger PM Spam


PR Update 10/01/2007

Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

Google is refreshing the Pagerank, it happened yesterday for the first time on a few DCs. It seems like many sites didn’t got their PR updated, but some sites that had a wrong PR update from September are updated.

It means that new sites older than 2 - 4 months might not be in the update, it all depends on google mistakes on the last PR update, actually i seen many sites/directories zeroed by the last PR update and now PR came back for those sites. It also seems that google used an old cache again, TheSquat and PHPLD Your Site aren’t in the update, they are still at 0.

How do i check the pagerank evolution of my site?

Some tools will help you out

- Live PageRank Tool : About the tool, the tool check PR on randoms data centers. Google uses more than 700 data centers, that tools check PR on about 40 of them only, so to see the evolution and on which DC it’s evolving you can check multiple times and have different results… It’s kinda f*cked up IMHO.

- Dig Pagerank : Best tool, right now the evolution of pagerank is appearing over those DCs: 216.239.5x, also the 72.x.x.x and 66.x.x.x are now updating pagerank as well, if you check other DCs it gives old PR values.

Check on both and you’ll see how it’s going on.

[ Pagerank Update Thread at Digital Point Forum ] Actually you will have to look at the Page 5 or 6 to see the real update happening, David Duval from phpLD thought there was an update going on and it wasn’t but with time the update happened so lol it’s a before and after PR update thread.

I hate Godaddy

Sunday, January 7th, 2007

For like 4 days i’m having problems registering Domain Names with godaddy, it always returns me that ‘Unable to Process’ error whenever i waste my time following their registrations steps full of scam techniques. That error always appears in the end, after i processed registered a cycling bill with paypal, i have more than 8 cycling bill cancelled just because i want to register a domain name and i’m not able to do it.

So because i get 8 times that ‘ Unable to Process ‘ (error?) issue, i finally decide myself to contact for the first time godaddy to know what’s going on.

It is a bit like Paypal, they never answer directly to the questions you asked (if you send them an e-mail), but they use an automated answer email software. In their email they ask me to take screenshots of my issue like i am nuts and doesn’t know how to use a computers:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for contacting Online Support.

Please try once more to register the domain names, and make sure that your billing information is correct and that the billing methods being entered are valid and able to be billed. If you encounter the same error, please take a screenshot of it using these instructions:

How to Capture a Screen Shot in Windows:

The term screen shot refers to “grabbing” a still image of the contents of your computer monitor that can be saved as a graphic file and printed, faxed, or emailed.

Screen shots are very helpful in explaining what you are seeing on your computer when working with customer support. It is often easier for you and for the support representative if you take a screen shot of what you are seeing and simply send it in.

Here is a quick step by step on how to do it:

In Windows, taking a screenshot is done by pressing the Print Screen key on your keyboard. On most standard keyboards, it is found to the right of the F12 key in the upper right hand portion of the keyboard. When this key is pressed, Windows takes a snapshot of the current contents of the screen and saves it to the Windows Clipboard.

If you want to take a screenshot of just the active window, make sure to click once on the window you are working with, then hold down the Alt key and press Print Screen. This will send the contents of the active window to the Clipboard.

You will then need to save the image to an image editor. You can use any software that you feel comfortable with. If you don’t have an image editor, you can find Microsoft Paint installed on almost every computer that runs Windows. It is usually available from the Start menu by clicking START, Programs, Accessories, Paint.

Once you’ve opened your image editor, click on the Edit menu and choose Paste. The Screen Shot will be dropped into the image editor for you to save. Click on the File menu, and then choose Save to save it as a file in the graphics format of your choice. The best file type to use for saving screenshots is .jpg (if your software allows it).

Now that you have the file saved, you can attach it to an email to our support forum.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help you.


Paul C.
Online Support Technician

How to Capture a Screen Shot in Windows

Wtf? They think i waste my time to know how to take a screen shot? Is it a joke? But… I did it, i took the screen shots which you can see here:

Godaddy Sucks

So well i’m still waiting for them to answer me regarding that issue, i also don’t understand that 500$ billing maximum monthly with godaddy whenever i try to pay with paypal. This is so confusing, i have the feeling that i am nothing, i don’t get any supports, and i waste my money to transfer my important domains now to the one i consider my next preferred Registrar: NameCheap (which i recommend, no more scam techniques when you register and it’s bloody fast).

I still have some .eu and others domain names with godaddy so i’m not over with them but i do not recommend to use their services, it’s clearly stated that we are just money and nothing else.

SO basically, we all register at godaddy cause this is a huge conspiracy right? Then we all transfer our domain to another registrar? Is it how godaddy makes money?

They try to make huge profits and get control over your domains, anyway it’s not really your domains right? (regarding godaddy).

Why Godaddy?

Bod Parsons post back in 2004 on why they’ve chosen the name ‘Godaddy’ and how it started.

As he said (word for word):

[…Our name “Go Daddy” has no meaning other than we thought it was kind of fun. And our logo “The Go Daddy Guy” was born one night when a mom and her little girl were playing around doodling on their computer…]

So Godaddy is the result of a meeting full of hyppocrites and one night sitting designing with a mother and her daughter. Inspiring! :D

Alternative Resource Of People Unhappy with Godaddy (Some of them are famous)

Lunacy Unleashed - Godaddy Sucks
Forever Geek - GoDaddy Sucks - Details of registrations steps, to show how harrassing this is to register a domain with godaddy.
Miranda Blog - Go Freaking Daddy! - Story that scares you out, especially for people living abroad that got to call in the US at a rate of 0.80$/minute or such :D
Thread Watch Said It Right
Tabulas Blog, Godaddy Sucks - Another terrible story…

From NamePros, in the Registrar Reviews section:

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