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Pagerank Update 29/09/2006

Saturday, September 30th, 2006

Here it is again!
[ Famous PR Update DP Thread ]

So whats new in this update, its the same to get a PR5 or PR4, but seems hard to get PR6. Webmasters Cavern dropped from PR6 to PR5, that hurts.

All the directories in our network took their launch with a PR4 except for still PR0 due to the age of the site (way too young).

Some good news!

Websites like Port Prophecy (PR4 > PR5), Alive Directory (PR4 > PR7), Qettle (PR3 > PR5), Elegant Directory (PR4 > PR6), Internet Marketing Blog (PR2 > PR6) had problem with pagerank because they are all from the 2nd January PR update (long story), when big daddy took its first start.
Google fixed that problem, regarding that update everything is fine!

SEOChat Forum Up to PR7!

- Used Live Pagerank Tool

Some bad news

Link With Us is a PR0, and it was PR6 we got some links there, may be its because there are some unuasual links exchange with that sites, on the homepage there are a paypal suscriber, some sites listed as a sponsored listing aren’t related to the internet/webmaster/web directory subject, and google tends to punish that kind of linkage…

Will SitePoint Forum become a PR0? Weird!

Weird Stuff!
Unadir got PR3, PR4, PR5 on the DCs at google! Thats completely weird LOL!

Those results might not be definitive at all,
The pagerank is still fluctuating over the google’s servers and its just the beginning! So that’ll be interesting to see how it’ll end up, some of those directories deserved a good pagerank though, others got unlucky or i don’t know its fate or something.

Now we’ll have to wait the next PR update scheduled for Christmas!

Webmasters Not Caring Anymore About Quality Directories Submissions

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Even if the sites they submitted are their sites, they seem to do not give a hell about their submissions. Most of the submissions received are reviewed, and for most of them we have to correct the category the websites was submitted to, its title, its description, check if there are no DOUBLE submissions, and so on so forth.
This is very annoying, and i will change my policy regarding web submitters, this week-end i’m going to create a new guideline, and i’ll try to populate it as much as possible on the web because this is enough.

Whats the point?
We all need backlinks and its a fact, when people go having dinner to a restaurant, they don’t spit right in the waiter’s face nor throw up in the soup pot, they are polite and ask nicely what there is on the menu and they even often order a bottle of wine!
So why on the internet webmasters are (like we’ve all been at school), pissing 2 cms near the toilet? My toilet must stay clean, i don’t know about yours.

We Know
We know that submitting to a directory is long, especially if you have dozens or a hundreds of websites to submit (i’m not sure they get all accepted if you got that amount.), we all loose our time submitting, this is the propaganda.
To help you (submitter dude), some webmasters created those automated submissions softwares, and others offer directories submissions services who i do not blame, some of them takes time into submitting each websites to the proper category (Inetseo), others claims they will MANUALLY submit the website you want to submit, and they’ll use a directory submissions softwares!
I say NO. STOP using submissions softwares, first of all, the submissions software doesn’t THINK, how many categories there is in a directory? 300 > 2500, in the kind of directories that got 2500 categories, there is a high probability that the category you’re looking for is a sub cat, the submissions softwares will choose a parent category and not a sub cat, which means we again have to review the submission! Loosing our time again.

We know also that now web directories business is over saturated, there are way too much directories on the internet, and this is not a QUEST that you have to submit to all of them, oh guy, wake up! Submit only to the quality directories, not the crap directories made by the “Quick Buck Crew”. For instance, our web directories are quality directories, we’re editors that cares about quality content and we’re extremly careful for the selections of websites so you got to submit to directories like those:
Alive Directory
Port Prophecy
Aviva Directory
WOW Directory
V7n Directory
No Dangers
The Squat
Red Pines
Webmasters Cavern - Webmaster Niche

Most Of them are PAID web directories, but those are the best! For the best there is a cost, and thats how we do it. For the free web directories, here are the best:

Irka Web Directory
World Site Index

And a lot and lot more. There are just so many free web directories list out there, you probably know which one is trustable more than the other.

Directories Owners Shout Out
Now the submitters find a way to loose time submitting manually, using softwares, its us directories owners that pay the price. Personally, i hate reviewing free links, especially when the submitters say on the forums “Please Accept :) ”, or send me PM “I’ve submitted my crap can you accept it?”, or even on Y!Messenger! It’s amazing! They’re dreaming! I don’t even want to talk about the quality of the sites submitted by those guys…

A new directory guideline will be set regarding the definition of SEO Friendly Directory set by Dan from Vilesilencer and regarding also the needs of a web directory owner, how can submitters and directories owners can co-exist with each other relates to science fiction but i feel its possible to find a way out of it.

Example of Assholes Submitting on A Directory

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

The title is a bit rude,

For those that doesn’t own a web directory, there are stuffs i’ve to tell you about, just to make you understand in what mess most of the directories owners on the web are.

We have a guideline for each of our web directories, PEOPLE are blind and do not read it. Results? Crap submissions, most of them are deleted.
Most of them? Holy hell yeah, 80% of them.

Common Problems Encountered When Reviewing Websites:

1/ SPAM, IWD is subject to spam more than the others, and i dont know why.

morons spamming

This screenshot is an example of spam, obviously those sites doesnt have the purpose to entertain, inform, teach visitors, but to get money. Most of the domain names like are removed without needing checking its content, its obvious the site is a total crap.

2/ Guys submitting to the TOP, some people, by mistake or voluntarily submit to the top of the web directory, which means they do not even choose one category to submit their websites to. Its annoying because sometimes the websites submitted to the TOP are good content site and its finally our job to list and find the proper category for it, it wastes our time!

Top Submissions

3/ No sex websites and site that promotes hatred and violence, None seems to care about it and keep submit that kind of websites instantly removed as well as the others. They loose their time submitting even if they use a software to do that.

Example of sex sites;):
Sex Sites Submissions

4/ Damn Titles, the site submission is ok, the description too, but the title is all messed up, it happens many times like:

Very Bad Title;):
Bad Title Submission

5/ Wackos Dreaming, Some guys try to sneak in and submit their websites putting their Forum’s nickname in the name field during their submissions, if the site is crap, then i know who is the spammer on the forum, good thing for me, bad for the guy! But why did he submitted it anyway? Is there a hope that i would recognize him and accept it just because its him?

Look at that its awesome:
Bad Title Submission

And more and more, if i find some funny ones, i’ll keep posting them here :D
We’ve to fight against spam!

TheSquat Web Directory Is On The Web

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Hey Folks,

Here it comes! Yeah yeah yeah, another one! - Yep its a funny name!
So here are the stuffs: Thesquat is a free & paid web directory. Let me explain, there will be some periods when it’ll be free, and others when it’ll be paid. I expect to keep thesquat free until Xmas, it doesn’t mean at all you’ve 3 months to submit your website.
No, its a little bit like, nodangers is a free directory for now, then in october it’ll be a paid directory again, then some months later it’ll become free again, and so on so forth! Both and (our favorites) will alternate free and paid, when nodangers will be paid, thesquat will be free and reciprocally.

I am an “old” (i’m still) submitter to directory, i do spend a bit on my web directories promotion (have better plans but) but i believe in an internet free. I will try my best to keep at least 2 to 3 web directories free in my whole network every months, some will obviously alternate from free to paid.

There is another example of directory that we own: IWD - You will never see this directory as a paid one, let me tell you why, because this directory got more than 2500 categories, because of its layout, the philosophy we got when we built it, it’ll never be a paid for inclusion directory.
Its a free resource for the web and it’ll be like that until the irka network dies! Introduction!

This is our radioactive web directory ;) , the main colors are yellow, green then blue.
Yellow because of the nuclear sign (black and Yellow), also its a bit changing to have a yellow layout, some of you guys love yellow!
Green, because of the dead freak that eat burgers and gives some wet kisses in ghostbusters movie, that dude always seemed a bit radioactive (because of its green, and its texture > Looks like an english jelly cake).
And blue because blue is french and MY favorite color.

+ The name the squat, it was a funny idea. We made some little research of domain names such as:
- < Lol, i love the picture.
-, .org, .net < Why not?
-, .org < That was my first idea
- < Meaning is of the directory is perfect
- < For its meaning, it was good
- < The way to say it seemed pretty cool
- < LOL

There are no copyrights, you can suscribe those domain names if you want, we're done doing general web directories, now our focus are on niche directories :)

Also, there will be no sitewides sales on, just like Isamu and IWD.
The featured are set to $15/unlimited.
This ain’t a reciprocal directory < Hates reciprocals, makes my head hurt and consumes lots of precious hours of work.


Comrads, my friends, i invite you to submit your website on all the directories of our network and the newer amongst them.
Enjoy submitting, at least try!

IWD & NoDangers Reached The 1000 Listings

Monday, September 18th, 2006

First stage done, IWD got 1250 sites listed yesterday night, i’d like to thank the webmasters who submitted some very good content sites, they took time doing it and their trust about Irkawebdirectory is deeply appreciated :)

Let us reach the 10,000 for January 2007 and you’ll get another DMOZ Directory where most of the serious webmasters out there are sure to get in,

Irka web directory has more than 2500 categories, a good ratio is to have 5 sites listed per categories, so do some math, and you’ll see that we are far away from the perfect directory! But step by step we’re making our way. Also IWD will be free and forever free.

Nodangers reached the 1000 listings for his 700 categories! We decided to switch it to free during whole september, right now there are 250 sites we have to review for inclusion, we think by the end of september we’ll reach then 1300-1400 listings for that directory,

Cheers y’all :p

September 2006 Site Of The Month

Sunday, September 17th, 2006

Results of the voting over at phplinkdirectory forum: - 11 – 15 – 6 3 – 3 – 9 - 2 – 5 –13 – 4 – 14 – 3 – 13 - 2 – 18 – 0 - 13 - 0 – 6 - 0 is the winner :) , i really love his red design. HE deserved to be the first ahead of the list and also to get that 100$ prize!
Congratulations to the winner!

Presidents Of The World On Google’s Page Results

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

I’ve been wondering, how much the leaders of the world are popular on the search engines, and i started typing down most of the presidents name i have in my memory on Google and see how many search results we get Back:

France: [ Jacques Chirac ] - 10,300,000 Results Returned
Spain: [ José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero ] - 3,410,000 Results Returned
Vietnam: [ Nguyen Minh Triet ] - 64,800 Results Returned
Russia: [ Vladimir Putin ] - 8,110,000 Results Returned
USA: [ George W. Bush ] - 180,000,000 Results Returned
United Kingdom: [ Tony Blair ] - 35,300,000 Results Returned
Germany: [ Angela Merkel ] - 7,090,000 Results Returned
Italy: [ Romano Prodi ] - 5,670,000 Results Returned
Venezuela: [ Hugo Chávez Frías ] - 1,270,000 Results Returned
Cuba: [ Fidel Castro ] - 17,200,000 Results Returned
Mexico: [ Vicente Fox ] - 8,770,000 Results Returned
Panama: [ Martín Torrijos ] - 727,000 Results Returned
China: [ Hu Jintao ] - 3,050,000 Results Returned
South Korea: [ Han Myung-sook ] - 40,900 Results Returned
Laos: [ Bouasone Bouphavanh ] - 40,600 Results Returned
Thailand: [ Thaksin Shinawatra ] - 938,000 Results Returned
India: [ Manmohan Singh ] - 2,530,000 Results Returned
Pakistan: [ Shaukat Aziz ] - 702,000 Results Returned
Iran: [ Ali Khamenei ] - 1,040,000 Results Returned
Israel: [ Ehud Olmert ] - 5,360,000 Results Returned
Nigeria: [ Olusẹgun Ọbasanjọ ] - 230 Results Returned
South Africa: [ Thabo Mbeki ] - 1,840,000 Results Returned
Egypt: [ Ahmed Nazif ] - 188,000 Results Returned
Australia: [ John Howard ] - 87,500,000 Results Returned
New Zealand: [ Helen Clark ] - 14,200,000 Results Returned
Indonesia: [ Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono ] - 1,240,000 Results Returned
Barbados: [ Owen Arthur ] - 8,490,000 Results Returned
North Korea: [ Kim Il-sung ] - 785,000 Results Returned

Top winner is the US, then comes Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and France… There is more countries (192) and i don’t have time to list them all!


Irka Web Promotions Made It To The TOP10

Monday, September 11th, 2006

TOP10 for some loosy keywords…

…though it was tough. I could have get more links and run a bigger promotion for IWP, but as its title says, this is a ‘website promotion guide’.
I don’t want to spam SERPS or try my best to rank for search terms such as ‘web promotion’ or even ‘website promotion’, as John Scott said from V7n in one of those threads, it was something like that:
” Being first for high searched terms is good, but be sure that your site provides what the visitors are actually looking for ”
That explains most of it, do not fight the tiger if you have a stick in your hands.

On my own… well, its not that easy to provide extrem research of google’s and yahoo’s algorithm, extra seo tutorials, black hats methods, white hat methods and more on my promotion site. I don’t want to modify it anymore, it’ll remain like it is for a while, i just can improve its backlinks results!
I’m more into the basis, the why of this and that, explained in an easy way, there are other sites out there that explains stuff about SEO deeper and deeper,

For 6 months i tried to rank for that loosy keyword “Website Promotion Guide”, for the seo professionals out there, this is not a big deal.
Now i understand more about SEO, how google’s work, and yahoo too. That site didn’t brought me money or HUGE traffic, but knowledge.

Make a search on [ Yahoo! ] - [ Google ] - [ MSN ] for “Website Promotion Guide”, and you’ll see what i’ve done with my main site.

Now i’ll try some bigger keywords,
Thanks to the power of anchor text, i really learnt that lesson :)

August 2006 Site Of The Month

Monday, September 11th, 2006

There’s been lots of votes in that month, has been nominated but just couldn’t win at all! We had some votes though, which make me feel a bit happy :)

Congrats to both Bloggeries and Portprophecy!

[ PHPLD Site Of The Month Winners! ]

Shoemoney Seo Contest: Ranking first for the keyword shoemoney

Saturday, September 9th, 2006

Shoemoney launched an seo contest, there is $1000 rewards to the one that will outrank shoemoney, using the keyword ’shoemoney’ on google, yahoo and msn.

He predicts that none will ever outrank him:
Any person that outrank him on the following search engines will get:
Google $500
Yahoo $250
MSN $250

[ Can You Outrank Me Shoemoney? ]

Good luck for those who will try all they can to rank for that keyword. I’ll try to rank with that page for shoemoney, but lol i have no convictions whatsoever that i’ll be a winner.